Why Avonlea?

OUR Home

our philosophy

Family-Style Meals.

Food is shared around the table with friends: residents, staff, and guests. Mealtimes are perfect for stopping by.

How It ​began

​​Relationships are crucial in dementia care. Evidence and experience show a strong connection between friendship and the best Alzheimer's care. In outstanding programs, there is a sense of grace, acceptance, equality, and fun - like a group of friends enjoying time together.

​With this goal in mind, Avonlea uses a model of care based on the elements of friendship. It's a simple model as everyone understands and values friendship. 


Individual Attention.

A staff-to-resident ratio of 1:3 provides caregivers the time to learn residents' habits and preferences.

In 2012 Keith Sargent was looking for a safe and nurturing placement for his mom, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. After not finding what he felt she deserved, he decided to create Avonlea for her and other individuals diagnosed with Alzehimer's. A place where not only residents, but family members as well as staff, felt comfortable and welcome. A beautiful home, and community, was born through his wishes for his mom.

Avonlea is a nurturing home environment for people living with memory loss.


Life atAvonlea

Avonlea features outdoor spaces including plants and feeders to attract birds and butterflies, and a beautiful acre pond. A large covered and secured porch is ideal for wildlife viewing, visiting and games, outdoor meals, and relaxation.

A wide variety of activities are tailored to the interests of Avonlea residents. Music is a large part of our daily life, providing a soundtrack to our days. Residents unwind to tranquil tunes, sing along to familiar songs, or dance to the melodies.

AvonleaCare Homes North

Avonlea is located in a picturesque setting on five acres of gently rolling hills in a Kansas City Northland neighborhood.

The ranch style home accommodates up to five residents. Each resident has an individual suite to personally furnish with comforts from home.